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Ioannis Kolaxizis

Associate Professor in Editing

Short CV:

Associate Professor, School of Film of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Associate Scientific Staff ( SEP ) in the Graduate program " Graphic Arts - Multimedia»

Greek Open University of Patras. Supervisor in dissertations in the Graduate Program "Creative Writing " University of Western Macedonia.

Previously taught as an instructor p.d.407 at Department of Plastic Arts of University of Ioannina and in many art schools of various levels of education . He studied at undergraduate and postgraduate level Graphic Design , Pedagogics,

Fine Arts, Graphic Arts - Multimedia , Technology audio and video . He Participated with discriminations at many International Film Festivals and Art Exhibitions in Greece and abroad.


Studies in: Graphic Design, Educational Studies, Fine Arts, Communication Technologies of sound and image and Graphic Arts – Multimedia.

LANGUAGESEnglish, Italian.

TEACHINGA) Teaching in Higher Education2003-2013 School of Plastic Arts & Sciences Art at the University of Ioannina.Film School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.Department of Early Childhood Education Postgraduate Studies Program “Creative Writing MA”, University of Western Macedonia.Applied Arts, Postgraduate Studies Program “Graphic Arts – Multimedia MA”, Hellenic Open University (Patra).

B) OTHER TEACHING1994-2005  TEL, TEE, IEK Laboratory Studies CEC, Parallax Vakalis & Co. LP, 01 IT training,  Dimitra.

OTHER ACTIVITIES1992-2008 Member of the Greek Graphic1999-2001 Member of the committee's examination OEEK as examiner and assessor for     the certification of skills2007-2012 Member and President of the Jury for the competition sections and animation     Experimental Film in Festival International Film & Video Short Naoussa.2008-2011 Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts.

Filmography1)  1998 Director, Editing in the short film «CITY VIEW» (film experimental film - art cinema)2)  1999 Direction, Editing in the short film «ANIMA» experimental cinema film - art cinema)3) 2000 Editing the short film "SKY" (fiction)4) 2002 Editing the short film "MAN" (feature film)5)  2003 Direction , to editing a short film «ABSTRACTION TO DISTRACTION»    (film experimental film - art cinema)6) 2003 Direction, Editing in the short film «COUP DE LUNE»   (film experimental film - art cinema)7) 2004 Direction, Editing in the short film "THE GODS are gone"   (film experimental film - art cinema - installation)8)  2005 Editing, camerawork in the film short People (fiction) under the program of Ministry  of  Education Education of the Republic 2004 - 2005 (European film award forinvolving students).9) 2006 Directed by editing the short film «ROMANTIC MACHINES»   (film experimental film - art cinema)10)  2006 Direction, Editing in the short film «QUE TAL?» (Film experimental film - art cinema)11)  2006 Editing, Digital Media Director, Division of photography, the camcorders feature film     "OMEGA" (fiction) 1st Prize Greek feature film at the festival of the labor center of    Thessaloniki.12)  2007 Direction, Editing in the short film «SUPREMAT» (Film experimental film - art cinema)13)  2008 Direction, Editing in the short film 'at risk' (Film experimental film - art cinema)14)  2008 Editing and Post production on the feature film «THIRD WORLD» (Fiction)  (A 'phase selection in Cannes film festival).15)  2013 Editing and Post production the short film "IN ALL THIS DUST " (Fiction)

Publications:Andreas Anestis and Ioannis Kolaxizis,  “Darwinian evolutionary theory in science fiction films” MUISC 2013 Young at Arts International Congress on Fine Arts,  March 14th and 15th, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey supported of Maltepe University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.

Ioannis Kolaxizis, "From the scream until the multimedia creative writing”, 1st International Conference “Creative Writing" 2013. (forthcoming). 

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Tuesday: 15:30-17:30
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School of Film, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki