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Christina Adamou

Assistant Professor in Film Theory

Short Biographical Note

Dr Christina Adamou’s PhD Thesis focused on Samuel Beckett’s plays for television and Film. Her previous appointment was as a Lecturer in Television Studies at the Department of Film, Theatre & Television, University of Reading, UK. She has published in Greece and abroad on television history, acting in superhero and action films, translation and dubbing practices and representations of gender. Her current research interests are focused on media representations of the crisis and she is also involved in a theoretical and practical research of documenting crisis in everyday life.


Recent Publications

Adamou Christina. “Staying Outside ‘The Egg’: Surrealist entertainment during the Greek dictatorship”, Uncertain entertainment: Popular television in totalitarian Europe. Peter Goddard  (ed.), Manchester University Press, 2012 (to be published).

Adamou Christina. “Postfeminist Portrayals of Masculinity and Femininity in Action Films: Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, Acting in Moving-Image Culture Bodies, Screens, and Renderings. Jörg Sternagel, Deborah Levitt, Dieter Mersch (eds.), Metabasis, Μάρτιος 2012 (to be published)

Adamou Christina. “Evolving Portrayals of Masculinity in Superhero Films: Hancock”, The 21st Century Superhero: Essays on Gender, Genre and Globalization in Film. Richard J Gray II and Betty Kaklanidou (eds.) McFarland 2011, 94-109.

Adamou, Christina and Knox, Simone. ‘Transforming Television Drama through Dubbing and Subtitling: Sex and the Cities’, Critical Studies in Television, 6 / 1, Spring 2011, 1-21.

Adamou, Christina and Knox, Simone. ‘Live and Kicking: A Meta-Critical Discourse on Television and Television Studies’, Science Fiction Film and Television, 3, 2, 2010, Liverpool UP,  271-286.

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Wednesday - Thursday: 12:15-13:15
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School of Film, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki