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School of Film

Regulations – Ph.D.


  1. Candidacy submission

The School of Film Studies accepts submissions for Ph.D. proposals twice during the academic year (September 1-30 and February 1-28).


  1. Essential Requirements

The candidates should submit the following to the Secretariat of the School of Film Studies:

  1. Application that states the scientific field and the faculty member that has been invited to supervise.
  2. Detailed CV.
  3. Copy of Degree (accompanied by recognition by ΔIKATΣA/ΔΟΑΤΑΠ, in the case it was obtained at a foreign university).
  4. Copy of Master’s Degree (accompanied by recognition by ΔIKATΣA/ΔΟΑΤΑΠ, in the case it comes from a foreign university). The possession of a Master’s Degree is a necessary requirement in order for an application to be discussed. In very special cases and with a report containing the relevant justifications of the General Assembly of the School of Film Studies, a candidate can be accepted to the program without a Master’s Degree if other qualifications, such as exemplary artistic output, academic publications, et. al are deemed of a high enough quality. In this case, the candidate is obliged to attend courses at the School of Film Studies, decided by the relevant Committee.
  5. Report with Grades Analysis of the First Degree and the Master’s courses.
  6. Foreign Language Certificates in at least one of the main international languages: English (Proficiency/TOEFL 80 & up/IELTS 7 & up), French (DELF II/Sorbonne I) and German (Oberstufe). The Certificates are not needed if the First Degree or the Master’s have been obtained at English/French/German universities or in the case the candidate can prove his/her linguistic proficiency researching in foreign languages in front of the relevant Committee after an oral examination.
  7. Proof of didactic, research and/or professional experience (if applied).
  8. Copies of academic publications and/or copies of artistic output (if applied).
  9. Research Proposal (according to the online template).

III. Evaluation of Candidates: The typical inspection of the requirements above is conducted by the Committee of Postgraduate Studies.

  1. The de facto examination and evaluation is conducted by the Committee of Postgraduate Studies. According to Greek law, only assistant professors, associate professors and professors can supervise a doctoral thesis. The number of Ph.Ds a faculty member can supervise cannot surpass five (5) theses.
  2. Both the typical and the de facto evaluation is ratified obligatorily by the School of Film Studies Assembly, based on a documented report that is prepared by the above evaluation committee. The report determines a. the candidate’s ability to conduct independent research, b. the originality and the feasibility of the research on the proposed topic, c. the relevance of the proposed thesis on the one hand with the research areas of the proposed supervisor and on the other hand, the basic cognitive areas and directions of the School of Film Studies.




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